Secondary alcohol ethoxylate specialty,
nonionic surfactant chemistry.

ENVIROCOLTM 1509h is a secondary alcohol ethoxylate, nonionic surfactant with detergent properties that exceed competitive surfactants. Combined with rapid dissolution and rinseability, it is the surfactant of choice for various surface cleansing products.

Other excellent performance and formulation characteristics of ENVIROCOLTM 1509h, including its ease of handling, low odor, and rapid biodegradability. Its unique structure imparts remarkable chemical stability in presence of other ingredients such as acids, bases and salts. The high solubility of this material, coupled with its narrow gel range, broadens the scope of formulation applications.

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Environmental Fluids' products are designed for use in industrial & personal
care applications.

These applications include cleaning products, personal care, paints & coatings, adhesives, elastomers, metal working, oil field & energy, electronics, textiles, mining, construction, printing & inks, and water treatment.


Our dedicated chemists work with your company to research and uncover alternative
materials for your project regardless of the current development stage.

Here at Environmental Fluids we specialize in the design of renewable and bio-based chemistries for various polymers, surfactants and specialty chemicals.

Leveraging the latest in technological advancements, our team of researchers have the tools to model and execute novel molecular enhancements in our simulation laboratory.


From concept to industrial scale production our dedicated chemists work with your
team to make advancements a reality.

Our cGMP certified laboratory is designed to accommodate the most demanding projects initiating in the industrial chemical and personal care industries.

With decades of experience in product development our committed scientists work with your organization to resolve product challenges.


Unlike industry standards, we don't assess your opportunity based on conventional
production rates and minimum volumes.

From pilot to full scale production runs, Environmental Fluids is the turn-key
development company for your project.

Environmental Fluids' production flexibility gives our customers options when
defining volume requirements.


Unlike conventional chemical manufactures, Environmental Fluids
does not stop at distribution.

We understand the importance of supply requirements and customer service for clients of all sizes and geographies.

Our supply chain and customer service professionals work with your company to ensure product is available and delivered to meet pertinent production requirements.


Appearance @25°C

Clear Liquid

Cloud Point (1% in Aqueous Solution) °C




pH (1% in Aqueous Solution) @ 25°C




Color @25°C, APHA






440 LB

Poly Drum

2,200 LB

IBC Tote

44,000 LB

Tank Truck
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About us

Environmental Fluids is lead by experts in the field with over a century of combined
experience designing specialty materials for a multitude of industries and applications.

We encompass a turn-key approach unlike any other in the chemical business, providing research, engineering, production and distribution services to clients in more
than 20 countries.

& Development

Dedicated researchers work with your company to understand the details of your application
and determine how Environmental Fluids can enhance product properties and performance.

Scale up experts transition concept to reality ensuring all development project parameters are met during the transition from pilot to full scale production.

& Processing

Optimized production processes allow for flexible batch sizes and improved product quality. All processes are designed to meet strict regulatory standards including USP-NF, EPA and FDA monograms.

High throughput flaking, milling, and pulverizing processes transform our high molecular weight materials into unique particle sizes for improved handling of solid state materials.

& Packaging

On-site liquid and dry blending equipment allows for custom formulations and product
alterations for any desired application.

From bulk to bottles our on-site packaging lines provide options; packaging materials in the
desired container for your blend or formulation.

& Distribution

Our logistics professionals will ensure materials aren't just produced, but that extra steps are taken to ensure your material is delivered on-time.

We don't stop at shipping; local distribution and supply chain services are available to clients with time sensitive demands.

Customer Representative
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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


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